Hand block fabric in India

Hand block fabric 

Hand blocking on fabric is an ancient textile printing technique recognized for its various fabric designs in brilliant colors. In the process of hand block fabric, Wooden blocks carved with complex detailing are used to manually print gorgeous designs that frequently cover the entire width of the hand block fabric. After the preparation of the color, the artisans soak the bunta into the color and start printing from left to right with maximum care, patience, and craftsmanship. The block has to hit hard on the fabric to get a good impression.

Creating the design

First they preparation of the design on wooden blocks which is normally 2-3 inches thick and is created out of the box and the upper surface is flattened and perfectly smooth. The design, which began on paper, is traced onto the block with lamp black and oil. The most challenging component is that we look at a hand block fabric we can observe several fine details and achieve these details by carving them directly into wood. 

The printing process

On a painting table, the fabric is to be printed and stretched out tightly, the process takes skill and time as the pattern must be stamped continually across the fabric. Eco-friendly dyes are usually used in the traditional hand block printing method and all the dyes used to create our hand block printed fabrics are azo free.

Uses of hand block fabric

Fabric is a material made of fiber that is used to make items such as clothing, bags, and homewares like bed sheets, cushions, and towels. There are many types of fabric and the qualities of different types of fabric depend on what its made from.