GOTS Certified Clothing Manufacturers

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an internationally identified organic textile standard. GOTS was introduced in 2006 and it has been executed by industry's legendary people across the world. GOTS certification is the highest degree of certification for organic textile products.

The Pacific exports and imports have completed 3 decades of manufacturing ladies' garments for its overseas buyer and have to its credit the time-bound schedule supply of quality goods.

We "pacific exports and imports" had a GOTS certified clothing manufacturers, being a GOTS certified clothing manufacturer means that we strictly follow the rules and protocols of making certified organic cotton products & are doing it perfectly. Natural dyed cotton and silk are our specialties at "Pacific exports and imports". Our purpose is to inspire a direction of sustainable production using fiber materials such as organic cotton, linen, silk as well. The great quality we aspire for you to trust in our products. You can be sure that you will be buying organic products with great quality products.


Our vertically complete manufacturing facilities are based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. We use chemical-free dyes We maintain our staff in a very good manner, as the fulfillment of our promise to give our staff modern, safe, and sustainable work atmospheres.


Our production unit is set up in an extensive 5500sq meter area with a multi-storied office. A skilled staff of 600 trained staff equipped with 400 Juki machines along with own dyeing and printing factory.

Organic cotton cloths

Pacific exports and imports clothing manufacturers deliver the best quality of fabrics which is chemical-free that don't affect the skin. Organic cotton clothes are nicer for sensitive skin. If you feel itchy with regular clothing, cotton is best to wear specific fabrics to avoid rashes for soft sensitive skin.